Username:Ganesh Time:2018-09-28 11:08:18
In my office we are using sebury door access machine..may i know how to reset the machine and configure new ?
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Username:maxhit Time:2018-11-29 08:02:16
Hello Im using K2 stand alone access control system Im trying to use my magnet detector only as Door forced Open but works as Door Open Too Long (DOTL) . Please help me how to switch between DOTL and Force Open
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Username:Vanf.ross Time:2019-05-19 01:31:51
Can you advise what a flashing red light indicates on a W3-A
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Username:ppasia Time:2019-07-17 03:57:02
Hi , may I know how to change password for sebury BC 300
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Username:Urs Time:2019-09-08 21:30:38
Dears May I ask for the latest version of the Software (Manual) for the "IC104". I'm using Windows 10 Pro, Thank you so much. BR, Urs
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Username:HM Time:2020-04-08 02:15:40
Hi; need your support, I have a problem to reset BC2000 device when I push the bleu relay of reset after pawer off and release after power on there is bip alarm recurant without stop and no reset then default programer code don't work.
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Username:Horacio Ojeda Time:2023-03-10 22:31:25
problema con stouch-w-w no graba tarjetas, se restauro a valores de fabrica se eliminaron todas as tarjetas y se volvió a intentar y no graba las tarjetas
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Username:mark scerri Time:2024-03-15 03:42:28
We have a client equipped with Sebury door controllers managed by Professional Door Control Management software (v5.27.75.21220). He has controllers with FW v8.84 and these work well. However we've added some new controllers with FW v8.98, we are able to download from the controllers OK, upload basic configuration OK, BUT when we try to upload access privileges it keeps saying "Communicate Fail". Kindly can you advise a solution and steps to achieve it.
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