UReader B
Ultra-high Frequency Integrated Radio Frequency Identification Reader
Product Material:Aluminum
Input Voltage:DC12V
Idle Current:≤100mA
Dimension: 228 * 228 * 68mm

1.Based on low-power, cost-effective reader module design
2.Working frequency 840~868MHz/902~928MHz (can be adjusted according to the requirements of different countries or regions)
3.Support electronic tags that comply with EPC Global UHF Class 1 Gen2/ISO 18000-6C standards
4.Support reading various sensor electronic tags such as temperature electronic tags and water dew electronic tags
5.Optimized multi-label inventory algorithm, the inventory speed of tags can reach more than 100 sheets per second
6.Work in a wide Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) or fixed frequency transmission mode
7.RF output power up to 30dBm (1dBm step adjustable)
8.Support command, polling and trigger working methods
9.Support independent and combined inventory of EPC, TID, USER data area 
10.Support IAP firmware upgrade
11.Low power consumption +12V DC power supply 
12.Support USB, RS232, RS485, Wiegand, RJ45 (TCP/IP, UDP) and WIFI, 4G, and other wireless interfaces are optional
13.Provide demo software and SDK
14.Support the secondary development of multi-platform Windows, Android, Linux and multi-language C, C#, JAVA
15.Waterproof Grade: IP67


Product Material:Aluminum 
Input Voltage:DC12V
Idle Current:≤100mA
Working Frequency:840~960MHz optional, frequency-hopping function
Antenna:Build-in 8dBi linearly polarized antenna
Continuous Tag Reading Distance:≥8m
Continuous Tag Writing Distance:≥4m
Access Label Performance:8dBi linearly polarized antenna, 30dBm output power,standard E41 test card
Tag recognition speed: ≥100pcs/s
Frequency Range:865~940MHz
Polarization Mode:Circular Polarization
Waterproof Grade:IP67
Dimension: 228 * 228 * 68mm
Weight: 1.7kg
Working Temperature: -20~65° C
Working Humidity:<95%RH (+25° C)

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