Dynamic Face Recognition Password Card Access Control
Hardware Platform:V5 (1.2G)
Product Material:Metal
Screen:4 inch Touch screen
Dimension:165 * 85 * 22mm

1.Good processor performance, high processing speed, suitable for indoor and outdoor, high speed of recognition, long distance of recognition, can input by photo, or input by dynamic(support input photo by network transmission)
2.Ways of Identifying: face/password/card
3.Function of Access Control: lock control relay, exit button, doorbell
4.Door Sensor: Alarm output, wiegand 26/34 input & output, fire linkage
5.Permission Control: 42 time period
6.Alarm Function: Tamper alarm, illegal door opening alarm, door-unclosed warning

7.Attendance Function: U Disk upload & download


Hardware Platform:V5 (1.2G)
Product Material:Metal
Screen:4 inch Touch screen
Camera:1 million Binocular Camera
Fingerprint:Optical Fingerprint Recognition
Recognition Speed:<0.2s
Keypad:Touch Keypad (with doorbell)
User Capacity:2000
Face Capacity:2000
Card Capacity:2000
Password Capacity:2000
Record Capacity:200,000
Face Recognition Distance:<3m  (Living body)  <1m
Network Support:TCP/IP, USB, U Disk/WIFI (Optional)
Input Power:12V 2A
Working Temperature:-20~60° C
Working Humidity:20%~80%RH
Dimension:165 * 85 * 22mm

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