1.Display the working current of standalone access control or card reader
2.Test standalone access control and card reader, switch of access control and card reader
3.Capacitive sensing touch panel to set card reader 
4.Test the function of standalone access control: exit button, door magnetic switch, unlock relay NO and NC, alarm, door bell button, etc
5.Test the function of card reader: D0, D1, LED and BZ wires
6.Set the card reader: card reading types, key and wiegand output format
7.Display card reader: wiegand output format of keys and card numbers
8.Display format of card number: switch of 10 bit and 8 bit
9.Test infrared remote controller: key code data

10.Sleep-mode: no operation after three minutes, machine will enter low power consumption status automatically


Power supply requirements:DC12V, ≥500mA
Static working current:≤100mA
Working current of external access control:≤ 200mA  (over current and short circuit protection)
Accuracy of working current:±1mA
Display wiegand format:4 bit, 8 bit, 26-37 bit, 58 bit
Working temperature:-20~50°C
Working humidity:0~95% (no condensation)
Product dimension:255 * 170 * 65mm

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