Product model: K6S
Product name: Standalone access control
Working temperature: - 20 ~ 50 ° C
Card reader type: EM
Product size: 120X78X23 mm

This product uses high strength ABS plastic frame. , Proximity card (EM card, also known as ID card) or password to open the door, built-in highly integrated microcontroller, simple circuit, safe and reliable, economical and durable, suitable for office, villa etc. 

1000 user cards bound with 1000 user passwords, and the user can modify password by himself;

Opening door modes: card, card + PIN, card or PIN, PIN.

Opening time: 50mS, 1-98 seconds for normal mode, 99 seconds for switch mode;

Relay mode: release when normal or suction when normal;Built-in high-current MOS tube can directly drive the electric lock, and can resist strong magnetic unlocking;

Safe mode can be set: 10 times invalid card or password will automatically lock the machine for 10 minutes;

Can  connect with an exit button, convenient to open the door from inside.

External doorbell: There is a doorbell button on the panel. 

Technical parameters:

Working voltage: DC12±2V

Static current: 20mA

Operating current: ≤100mA

Relay contact current:≤3A

Working environment temperature: -20~50°C

Working environment humidity: 0~95% (no condensation)

Maximum card reading distance5cm

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